Corporations fight the Internet piracy

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The Court of Justice of the European Union has just decided that penalties for online pirates do not comply with EU standards and should be... eased. Many countries are definitely not happy about it and are looking into solutions to stop the crime altogether. However, as recent years show, no punishment or reward will stop a pirate.

The Chinese method is definitely not effective

Chinese corporations have found a quite original way to stop illegal distribution of movies, music or games in their country, which has worked effectively for a while… Until rest of world found out. In China, you can easily buy any movie on DVD just a few days after its release in theaters. Thanks to signed contracts with film producers, the Chinese enjoy the latest Hollywood production in their own home months before the rest of the world. This paradox of this whole situation is simple: in fact, China's online piracy rate has declined significantly. However, all of a sudden the world has gained access to Chinese DVDs for the latest movies.

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