Russian corporations have found a way to stop the piracy

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Sometimes it is not a punishment, which can stop a pirate, but letting him do whatever he wants. Russian corporations have found the perfect way to prevent the illegal distribution of games, movies, and music records. They limited this crime in a way, that many Internet users from around the world are jealous of. They certainly would not mind, if this solution was introduced everywhere.

Well, in Russia you can buy any product via the Internet, which is not surprising. However, for example, for computer games Russians pay maybe 10-20% of the normal price. But there is a catch, which of course had to appear with such a favorable solution. These games have a special security feature, which prevents games from being sent to people from other countries. Of course, you could find easy workarounds for this system, but Russians are not interested in helping users from other countries. They are happy to use low prices. Corporations enjoy extremely low piracy rate, obtaining financial benefits from increased sales.

It turns out that the use of such low prices is a form of advertisement that brings more money for whole gaming industry, than same industry provides to other countries not covered by this solution.

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